Does anything end up in a dump or landfill?

No. All items are resold or scrapped for raw materials.

What happens to files and personal information?

All data is permanently removed. If a device is going to be refurbished, the files are “shredded” using secure deletion software. If it is not going to be re-used, it is physically destroyed for metal recovery.

Who actually needs old electronic junk?

Believe it or not, a lot of people and businesses do. There is still old technology in use at various places. Some businesses use legacy hardware and might need a part to make a repair. Newer computers are often serviced with used parts. Computer repair shops all over the country buy used parts for repairs. This makes someone with a broken device happy while preventing the waste from ending up in a dump. Schools on a budget purchase computers which have been refurbished with used parts. Items which are completely broken and cannot be resold are stripped of raw materials which are used to make new products.

Is there a drop-off location?

Not currently. It is something that may be added in the future. Please call for a free pick-up in the Glastonbury area.

Why is there a cost to recycle screen and TVs?

There are hazardous materials in them. We do not have a way to process them or a partner business who can. The best we can do is transport it to a facility for you.